Don’t They Care They’re Losing Money?

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How fast can you get to bankruptcy court?

A few days ago we reported that Disney Corp. has turned out eight box-office duds in a row, to the tune of losing some $890 million.

Yesterday it was Warner Brothers, with five “superhero” flops in a row ( They just lost $150 million on “The Flash”–a second-string stuporhero who insists on using “non-binary they/them pronouns.”

What in the world made Warner Bros. think that anyone in his right mind would want to see this movie?

Refusing to change course when confronted with an iceberg always leads to disaster; but the big studios don’t seem to realize this. Why do they not change? Why do they keep turning out movies that no one wants to see? Why do they keep using their movies as vehicles for Woke propaganda that no one wants to hear?

Well, they’re not gonna tell you or me, are they? The question is, who’s paying for all these money-losing movies? (My editor thinks it’s the Chicoms.) Someone’s got to pay. And someone has to absorb the losses.

Who might that be?

(It’s us, my wife says: they write off their losses and OUR taxes make up the shortfall. So we are paying for this garbage even when we stay away from the theater.)

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  1. Unless they are getting money funneled in from somewhere, even with write-offs, they are losing a lot of money. Write-offs only reduce taxes paid on any profit that has been made.

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