It’s Still Not My Fault!

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Our computers are still drifting into and out of the Internet every few minutes, or even seconds. Anything I accomplish today, no matter how little, will have been against the odds. The gremlins are out to get me.

So… Let’s make computers and robots responsible for our missile defense systems! And while we’re at it, we can implant computer chips into our branes To maik Us SMARTT! What could possibly go wrong?

And the computer conks out again…

4 comments on “It’s Still Not My Fault!

  1. But but but … I thought computers were supposed to be smarter and more reliable than humans. (Let us not consider that these computers were made and programmed by the supposedly stupider and less reliable humans.)

  2. I was also having problems yesterday with the internet, drifting in and out every few minutes or seconds. Over here, that’s not something strange nor unusual, and happens fairly often. I tried calling my son in Wisconsin, and after dropping the call three times, I gave up. I will try again today.

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