The Obamas: Oppressed Zillionaires

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You know that any post critical of you-know-who has to be preceded by cute puppies.

Their eight years in the White House left them stranded atop high mountains of money and world-wide adulation.

So why were Barack and Michelle Obama “rage-tweeting” about (oh, please!) “oppression” (

Are there any two people in the world less oppressed than these? But you ain’t heard nothin’ yet. Guess where they were while they were poundin’ out those tweets.

Aboard a luxury yacht in Greece, along with Tom Hanks (because what’s a cruise without a tame celebrity?), and later at a five-star restaurant.

If that’s oppression, where do I sign up for it?

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  1. I don’t know how many things history will reveal in the coming years. Nothing is hidden from the Lord, but to us a great deal of the past is still hidden, and may never be fully known.

    Nevertheless, the Scripture gives us the most important history, of which things God chose to reveal to us. The rest He left to us to figure out. There are a few amazing and astonishing things, hidden in plain sight, that I have discovered within the last few years. That, when I use a well-worn phrase, “the truth is stranger than fiction,” is not an embellishment nor exaggeration.

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