I Am Practically Destroyed

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It took an hour and a half yesterday to pry out of Verizon that the reason we had no Internet access was a problem at their end, not ours: some kind of “outage” somewhere. So far unable to solve it, they sought refuge in a lie: “It must be your modem.”

So now I’m stuck (using the other computer: it’ll probably be without the Internet a couple of minutes from now) and I have lost ALMOST all my readership. Thirteen views. Hot-cha-whoopee. Not that there’s been anything much to view!

I had managed to post some tens of thousands of days in a row, and that streak’s snapped now. I do seem to be learning a lesson, though.

*Nothing works.

*When confronted with a problem, lie.

Anyway, we have not cleared up our Internet problems yet and I don’t know when Verizon will clean up this mess.

Let’s see if I can post a hymn before the whole thing shuts down again.

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  1. Prayers for you. Dealing with technology problems is never fun. I’ve been on both sides of the equation, and a lot of times we didn’t really know what the problem was.
    However, it should never be an excuse to lie or just cover up the ignorance (and laziness, not wanting to solve the problems they’ve been hired to fix) with “it’s got to be something on your end.”

    1. They assure me we’ll be back in business by mid-day tomorrow. That doesn’t sound like a modem problem, does it?

  2. I’ve been wondering whether your problem may be a regional thing, where the threatened solar electromagnetic storm disrupted the satelite(s) and/or tower(s) in your area.

    Or then again, maybe it was Climbit Chains. 😛

    1. Just thanks for being here. It drives me crazy, being kept from writing. And I dassn’t start anything that might take more than two or three minutes to post, because this connection is apt to break at any moment.

    2. Well, part of my own delinquency in commenting — or even being present — is that I’m wiped out from lack of sleep and trying to catch up on other things. Iggy is really coming down the home stretch now. Staggers, cries most of the night (but not during the day), can’t groom himself any more, and every day or two something else stops working right. Today he keeps asking for food but then can’t or won’t eat it. We’re definitely coming to the end. Sometimes he rallies a bit, but it’s always one step up and then two steps back down.

    3. Oh, that’s awful–we know the drill, it’s hard to bear. Losing our loved ones… it doesn’t matter whether they’re human or animal.
      I’ll tell you what kind of case I am. Last night I found myself missing… my crickets! Great Caesar’s ghost, as Perry White used to say.

  3. I’ve been having similar issues, along with a lot of others. Error postings on bank account, etc. Praise God, the bank problem was fixed soon, but not all the others. I miss being on
    here, but seems nothing I can do. Hope things straighten out for you at least.

  4. As Samuel Clemons famously said: there are four kinds of mendacity, lies, damned lies, statistics, and anything said by an Internet Service Provider.

    1. I have to deal with these guys, just like anyone else. The difference is, I work with the same kinds of network equipment and know a lie when I hear it. My particular ISP is better than average, and I’m fortunate to have them, but it’s a local provider, specific to the area, and relatively small.

      I also deal with phone service providers, and most of these are pretty bad to deal with. Verizon is my least favorite, but none of them are great.

  5. Maybe it was EMP but just on your block 🙂 Car mechanics, A/C repairmen, and used car dealers are trained in lying – they think it is the American way, when actually it is the way that leads a “life” in hell.

    1. It would have cost them nothing to tell the truth: “We’ve got an outage and we’re working on it but haven’t fixed it yet.” No–“It’s your fault, your modem.” Lying seems to be a reflex action.

  6. Phoebe, we are praying for you. I understand how hard losing a beloved pet can be. A companion that keeps you company, and in their own way bestows love and affection upon you. Watching them suffer can take a toll, and sometimes there is nothing that can be done for them. Nevertheless, when their time is past, they will live in your memory until that day, when the Lord will call you home.

  7. Often there are similar technology problems here. Also, such things as transformers catching fire, lines cut by someone cutting branches, along with typhoons. And right now, my internet has been “sick” on and off for a few weeks. Its not the modem, it was just replaced. Since I have been here, three times the problem was our modem. First, they did a line check, then they came to our home and checked the modem.

    I would ask them (demand) to come to your home and check the modem. All it took here, was fifteen minutes to check it and replace it. If its the modem, it would not take long to rule that out, or fix the problem.

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