I Hope You Won’t Leave!

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We have to replace our big computer this week (thank Heaven the laptop stays as is!) and everything around here is going to be in a state of chaos. I will try to keep the blog going from the laptop, but it’s all going to be a gigantic disruption. This month has been a blogging disaster. This week is gonna be a three-ring circus without the rings.

Anyway, please stick around if you possibly can, and we’ll try to get everything back to normal by August.

8 comments on “I Hope You Won’t Leave!

  1. For all of the good computers brings to our lives, they also bring some teal headaches, and this is on of them. Take heart, it will get better.

  2. Real headaches, not teal headaches. The Eurasian Teal may get teal headaches, but there are none nearby to ask, and all on could do to respond would be to quack, so there’s not much info to be gained.

    1. I had to look up if there was such a thing as a Eurasian Teal. Then I remembered, oh yeah, a teal is a duck.

      Someone gave me a few cassette tapes of Sunday School lessons I taught about 30 years ago. I listened to them and was surprised to learn a few things. Part way through one lesson, I said to myself, “I didn’t know that.” I had forgotten that information.

  3. I really understand your frustrations and problems with high tech. I have a love/ hate relationship with all of it. Cell phones drive me up the wall. I use my wife’s cell (I never had one) to call my family back in the states, about 7,000 miles away (I never carry it with me). It’s amazing, not only to be able to talk with them, but see them live, with video, to see my grandchildren!

    High tech is wonderful when working, but many times, the signal is dropped, doesn’t work, or off line and I can’t get through. Computers are amazing, when working properly. And when I have problems with the internet and any other tech, I often think, what if I had a fire in my home and literally lost everything but the clothes on my back? Or an earthquake that brought the building down, and most things were destroyed?

    Frustrations with high tech, can give us huge problems, disturbances, and many small and large annoyances. So, take stock, sit back, thank God you have those things, that can and do cause problems at times. Thank God that they probably will be taken care of in the near future. Thank God that the power grid still works, at least for now. It may not be working next month or next year due to all the things happening all over the USA.

    And yes, I will still be here if you’re gone for a while.

    1. Just now, after giving up and going up to bed for a nap, I was almost at the top of the stairs when it hit me–suddenly I remembered how to get back onto my site. And it worked!

      I’ve never been good with machines, though. My father just about despaired of life, trying to teach me how to drive.
      I’m going to sign off now, while it seems safe to do so. I hope the freakin’ thing works tomorrow morning.

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