‘Bill Clinton–Novelist’ (2017)

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I say a potted plant could “co-author” with James Patterson and get published. Which is what Bill Clinton did a few years ago.

Bill Clinton–Novelist

Yes, this book actually got published; but that was the last I ever heard of it. I suppose that if you want to write a novel and get it published, it really helps if you used to be president.

I can’t wait to see Joe Biden’s novel.

3 comments on “‘Bill Clinton–Novelist’ (2017)

  1. Joe Biden wouldn’t be able to complete a coloring book. But maybe Obama could get his own ghost writer, Bill Ayers, to write something for Biden to put his name on.

  2. James Patterson has become a joke. He stopped writing novels years ago. He just comes up with a plot and hire someone to write it. At least he gives the real author’s name below his.

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