2 Stupid Stories for Tomorrow

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Would you believe it? Not a single comment yet today. Not one. But I find myself drifting into the Blahs and I doubt I could drum up much in the way of comments. Too much rain, too much heat… and way too much nooze.

Keep your eye out tomorrow for two stories I just don’t have the pep to report today.

*Scotland cuts down a forest of 16 million trees (!)–to make room for windmills. To Save The Planet, dontcha know.

*New Jersey governor (that idiot) says he will require car manufacturers “to increase sales” of electric cars, so Democrats can ban all gas-powered cars 12 years from now. So much for the car manufacturers’ evil plan to depress their own sales and go broke.

There’s only so much booshwa I can take.

16 comments on “2 Stupid Stories for Tomorrow

  1. I haven’t been commenting because I’m worn out with grieving for my cat Iggy, who died on Tuesday.

    1. I’m so sorry, Phoebe. I understand. I recently lost my cat of 20 years. Her name was Paczki.

    2. Oh, I’m so sorry, Michele. My Iggy was 19 years old. It’s so hard, isn’t it? I feel as though part of me has been amputated.

  2. Phoebe and Michele, I am sorry for your loss. The loss of a long time pet, who you have spent a lot of time with, given love and care to, and received the same back, is hard to bear.

  3. Electric cars are close to the top of the list of bad ideas. For short trips and such, it’s Ok, but other than that, not so much. Just think, if the power went out for a whole week or two in your state where are you going to charge your car? Where are the electric firetrucks and police cars going to charge and so forth????

    1. Maybe that’s the idea behind the push for electric vehicles — not just to limit the mobility and freedom of the populace but also to throw all of society into chaos.

    2. Electric cars are a novelty at best. We just don’t have the infrastructure to replace every gas powedered automobile. Unfortunately, the Powers That Be haven’t thought that far ahead.

      Phoebe, I think that’s part of it. They want to limit freedom of movement (that’s also the reason behind 15-minute cities). But also, if everything is connected to an electrical grid, it’s much easier for them to control. If they don’t like your politics, they can simply turn the power off.

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