The Return of the Piano Cat

I bought a nice piano keyboard for Patty, or for Robbie, and neither of them ever use it. We don’t have a piano cat.

Nora here has become rather famous. That’s how hard-up we are for musicians. And she’s much prettier than most of them.

5 comments on “The Return of the Piano Cat

  1. It amazes me that this cat seems to have a sense of rhythm. I know that my cat loves to listen to music, so it would seem that cats are capable of enjoying music. Nora is definitely better appearing than many musicians. One thing I do not understand at all is why so many musicians want to look unkempt.

    1. It’s long bothered me that people assume that all musicians use drugs and that all guitarists have to have long hair. I have never used drugs, and I crop my hair quite short. I can’t imagine why any grown man would want to run around looking like an unkempt mongrel.

  2. Awesome. I had a cat once who like to mess around with things like this, but only like the noise, no bother about making a good noise.

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