Why Are Your Kids Still in These Schools?

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tips. Depressing!]

Parents! What do the public schools have to do before you pull your children out of there?

Listen to this nut, this president of the mega-teachers’ union, the National Education Assn. “Our righteous fight for freedom!” What “freedom” is she talking about? “We will change this world!” God forbid. I mean that literally: God forbid.

Meanwhile, a school district in Washington has decided to forbid parents to opt their children out of its “Pride Curriculum,” the usual groom-the-kids-for-gays “inclusive” garbage (https://mynorthwest.com/3900621/rantz-school-district-wont-let-students-opt-out-of-lgbt-pride/). Opt out of “Pride”? “It’s offensive even to ask!” sez the superintendent of schools.

What’s next? Do they have to eat your kids before you notice? Have you lost sight of evil? Does insanity sound like sanity to you? These are the people you want to “educate” your children?

9 comments on “Why Are Your Kids Still in These Schools?

    1. Same here. Beyond that, it took them 12 years to give me about three years worth of actual learning.

  1. It makes you wonder “who do they think they are…” It takes a village. bla bla. NO it does not.

  2. That video was painful to watch! The last time I saw someone screaming like that, it was a public sector union convention, where they paraded around the “health care workers” that were striking where I lived at the time – private homes, not the place of work. Strikers that had been shouting the most disgusting things about their clients while picketing outside our homes, threatening, harassing and even stalking people (including me and my family at a movie theatre) in our community. They all had that level of crazy.

    They also lost the strike, the newly unionized chapter was disbanded, and every one of those “health care workers” lost their jobs. If only the same could happen with the NEA!

    1. The hairs on the back of my neck rise up when I hear talk of “workers.” Gee, for some reason that makes me think of… communism.

  3. Many states are moving to school choice where the tax money follows the student not the school they attend. Arkansas is one of them and has passed this kind of legislation, so predictably a judge rules it unconstitutional, and anti-religious groups start filing lawsuits. They won’t prevail because all of our state-level officials are strong, Christian conservatives.

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