Electric Car Catches Fire; Cargo Ship May Sink

Smoke is seen from a freight ship in the North Sea, about 17 miles north of the Dutch island of Ameland, on Wednesday afternoon

(Not lookin’ good!)

Several cities in Europe and a few in the United States have banned EVs (electric cars) from underground parking garages, citing a fear of “spontaneous combustion”–these cars have a regrettable tendency to burst into flame. (Oops! Durn those lithium batteries!)

Yeahbut, yeahbut! Surely there’s no problem with carrying a few electric cars–only a few, mind you–aboard a cargo freighter on the high seas!

Guess again.

As we speak, firefighting ships and helicopters from several nations are trying to extinguish a fire burning “out of control” on a 650-foot-long cargo vessel  a little distance off the Dutch coast (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12338705/One-sailor-dead-23-evacuated-burning-18-500-tonne-cargo-ship-carrying-3-000-cars-North-Sea-Holland-electric-vehicle-caught-fire.html). There are almost 3,000 cars aboard, en route from Germany to Egypt. Only 27 of the cars are EVs…

And one of them suddenly caught fire which spread wildly throughout the ship.

One crewman has died, 23 were lifted off by helicopter, and seven were fished out of the water. Many of these crew members have serious injuries.

But that won’t stop globalists and other wackos from extolling EVs as the wave of the future, and something which we dare not do without. Gotta get rid of those gas-powered cars that don’t suddenly blow up for no reason! Who cares about out-of-control fires when you’re Saving The Planet?

How these jidrools manage to hold on to any authority is a mystery to me.

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    1. How come it seems the more Save The Planet wackos we’ve got running the show, the more pollution we have to deal with?

  1. Batteries concentrate a lot of energy in one place. Batteries are comprised of cells, connected to one another. If a cell suffers an internal short, you can end up with cell voltage imbalance, which can cause any sort of battery to heat up, quickly. Even something as mundane as an automotive battery can get very hot. Larger batteries, such as the lead-acid batteries used in older airliners, can become very problematic, but when you have the energy densities of larger Lithium-Ion batteries, problems can get out of hand, very quickly. A Boeing 747 cargo plane hauling lithium-ion batteries as part of its cargo was lost when there was a fire caused by these batteries. I’ve seen films of electric vehicle fires, and it’s like watching a giant Fourth of July sparkler go off. These fires burn fiercely.

    Now, I won’t say that all electric cars will spontaneously combust, but if I owned one of those things, it would not be parked in a garage near my home, or in proximity to other vehicles.

    I’m not entirely against the idea of electric vehicles, but I think that we are rushing into them way too fast. There may be applications for which they make sense, but there is a long way to go before they can meet the needs of everyone. For example, rural residents have drastically different needs from those of someone living in a large city. Let’s see; where does our food come from? Oh yeah, people living in the country!

    It will be interesting to see where this goes.

    1. It should be left up to the free market to decide, just like it should have been for the incandescent bulb. But no, politicians and bureaucrats are intent on making everything electric which only creates new problems.

    2. And of course the whole idea is, if we’re all tied up in electric this-and-that, the Deep State can cut off our power any time we annoy it.

    1. That is something I hadn’t thought about. They must use heavy duty jacks. And being so heavy, they must wear out tires rather quickly. And what about the suspension? What about during winters in places like Wisconsin, if the car ends up in a snow bank? Since you can’t tow EV’s like other vehicles, how does a tow truck pull one out of deep snow or from a ditch?

  2. “These fires burn fiercely.” Yes, they do! I recently watched a video dealing with fires caused by EV’s. And these were brand new EV’s! When they burn, anything in close proximity is in great danger of becoming a pile of ashes, be it a car, garage, house, building, or any kind of structure, or people caught in one when it goes off. And not only that, once they catch fire, they are notoriously hard to extinguish, and not only that, they can still spontaneously combust after the flames have been extinguished, minutes or hours later. As seen on the video, an EV fire had been extinguished, afterward, about an hour later, it was placed on a flatbed truck, and while on the way to the scrapyard, while sitting at a stop sign, the car burst into flames once more, and so did the truck. The driver barely managed to escape. A few seconds later, and he would have been caught in the inferno.

    1. Our NJ governor says we can’t do without EVs and must all switch over to them or else.
      This from the “pro-choice” crowd.

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