CA Community Colleges–Sued!

South Carolina House adds firing squad to execution methods

Is this where we’re headed?

By now we all know that American colleges, by and large, promote Far Left orthodoxies and punish faculty or students who choose not to go along. The California Community College system is suddenly among the chief offenders–and is getting sued for it (

Centered around Bakersfield College and the Kern Community College District, it’s a complicated case with several plaintiffs and a mob of defendants. It boils down to conservative faculty members getting censored, passed over for promotion, and getting fired for saying or writing things deemed oppositional to the colleges’ “antiracism” line. As usual, our First Amendment freedom of speech is in the crosshairs.

The time has come to defund colleges and universities that refuse to respect our civil rights. This lawsuit is going to a federal court. I don’t see how the bad guys can win this one, their actions were so blatantly wrong–but this is California.

Why should we submit to being “educated” by people who hate us and want to punish us for anything they think we shouldn’t say… or believe?

America, your colleges are not your friends.

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