I’ll Try (Honest)

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I’m still a bit down from my stupid car accident, it’s supposed to be hideously hot today, and I’m supposed to write a Newswithviews column and I don’t have the foggiest idea what to say.

Shake it off, dude.

I guess I’ll go work outside before the temperature becomes unbearable. I do have a couple of posts I want to share with you, but I’d better go outside first.

No, it’s not ****ing Climate Change. It’s called “summer.”

6 comments on “I’ll Try (Honest)

  1. Yeah, summer. And if it is anything like Missouri was when I lived there, August was always the hottest of all months. I hope it isn’t that way now. These fools think this gives them a chance to expand on their “climate change” nonsense. Oh well, let them play their games until God gives them a “heads up” about all this.

  2. Thank you, Lee. Good to be here, at least part time. Unfortunately, just a few minutes typing wears me out, especially in left side. sigh… willl do the best I can.

  3. Hot, aw yes, I understand, we get heat along with humidity. We call that free sauna. It’s hot here most of the year, but during what’s called the summer months in the USA, I sweat at times just sitting down eating supper, at six in the evening, when the sun is starting to set. Yep, during the “cool” of the evening.

    It’s too bad, I can’t find the new model of fan, the one with four speeds. Low, medium, high, and setting guaranteed to cool you off, hurricane speed. One word of caution before using that setting, be sure to nail everything down before you turn it on! Oh, to avoid being blown out the window, that setting is not recommended unless you weigh at least 450 pounds.

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