‘The Doctrine of Despair’ (2018)

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I have to admit that my car accident the other day has made a dent on my morale. And some of the things I’ve been hearing! “This six-foot-five guy comes in here and wants to try on a dress…” Stuff like that.

The Doctrine of Despair

Well, nothing worthwhile has ever been accomplished by anyone who just gave up. We have a King of kings to serve, we have to keep working. We are down here on the threshing floor and we don’t always see clearly; but God does. It’s not like He’s asking us to take over management of the Allied war effort in 1940, with France in ruins and Britain on the run; He had Winston Churchill for that.

We have our own battles to fight, and we must fight them, trusting in God.

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  1. “Those things were accomplished by very small minorities working fanatically, tirelessly, single-mindedly to get what they wanted. They weren’t more intelligent than us; they just worked harder.”

    Just imagine what would happen if just half of the Christians worked as hard as those evil folks. Because God is with us, we could produce a place similar, as found in the 2015 American science fiction film “Tomorrowland,” a movie I really liked. Yeah, just imagine, if Christ ruled the hearts of most of the worlds population and nations.

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