Will He Or Won’t He?

Would you buy a used promise from this man?

Former Attorney General Bill Barr (“Stall until it goes away!”) says he’ll jump off a bridge if President Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination next year (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12353759/Bill-Barr-says-hell-jump-BRIDGE-Donald-Trump-wins-GOP-2024-nomination.html).

Promises, promises!

Barr is famous for running out the clock on the Democrats’ corrupt and lawless campaign to stage a coup against a sitting president. He is famous for talking tough and doing nothing. So naturally, when he promises to jump off a bridge, we start looking for a trick.

We know he won’t actually go west, old man, and jump off the Golden Gate Bridge. Maybe it depends on what he means by “bridge.” Or, if past performance is anything to go by, he’ll just stall and fumfer week after week and not jump off a bridge at all.

It is very, very hard to believe this RINO and others like him have the good of our country at heart.

Check that–it’s impossible.

3 comments on “Will He Or Won’t He?

  1. He probably has a footbridge over his wading pool. We can only hope that his wading pool is similar to the Scurveyshire vicar’s wading pool.

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