They’ve Got to Be Kidding

A 'Self-Aware' Fish Raises Doubts About a Cognitive Test | Quanta Magazine

No matter what he does, he’ll always be a monkey

A new Internet subculture is taking shape before our eyes, complete with its very own acronym: RCTA (“Race Change To Another”) (

Amid the most costly and intrusive “education” system the world has ever known, an increasing number of people, most of them young, is coming to believe that they can change their race by 1) playing “subliminals” while they sleep, 2) spending a lot of time looking at pictures of, say, Asian persons, and 3) wishing real hard. One teenage girl says she thinks she has acquired Korean DNA through this method. In fact she is no more Korean than I am.

Is this how Liz Warren became “native American”?

“Experts” (oh, please!) say you can “change your gender” (actually, you can’t) but you can’t change your race because “race” isn’t real, it’s just a construct of systemic racism and someday they’ll get whitey for that, you just see if they don’t…!

Remember when the Internet was expected to make everybody smarter?

It didn’t.

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  1. Like all computer technology, the internet runs on GIGO — garbage in, garbage out. And with the powers that be blocking anything BUT garbage going in, small wonder that the population is awash in dumbification. As the feller said (almost), “When you spread the dumb around, it’s good for everyone (especially for us elites).”

  2. One guy who identifies as a dog has spent $24,000 on a full Collie dog costume so he can walk around in public as a dog. It looks real so he gets a lot of attention – probably the real reason he has done it.

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