Best Buy Shuts White Employees Out of ‘Leadership’ Training

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Win a tinfoil hat if you can think of any civil rights law that this doesn’t violate!

Best Buy has a management training program that’s supposed to help you up the corporate ladder. There’s a catch to it, though–

In order to take part in the program, applicants “must identify as Black, Latino and Hispanic, Asian, or Pacific Islander” (

Hmm… What’s to stop me from saying, “I know I don’t look it, but I identify as Black”? They’re the ones who said “identify as.” But the point here is that Best Buy is barring white employees, solely for the color of their skin, from an opportunity open to all non-white employees.

Another question: How white is “white”? At what point in your ancestry are you too “white” to enter the program? How “Black” do you have to be to be “black”?

Oh! They’re also forcing Christian employees to attend “LGBT workshops.”

(Has anybody seen our First Amendment? We seem to have lost it.)

Happily, as soon as this story broke, the Internet swarmed with angry users who can’t wait to hit Best Buy with a Bud Light-style boycott.

Now I wish I shopped there just so I could stop shopping there.

We don’t need you, Best Buy. And you may be about to find that out.

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  1. I have long since lost any interest I had in Best Buy, but discrimination is discrimination, no matter to whom it is directed.

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