Sorry, No Nooze Today

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Nobody home!

Sorry, but I just can’t bring myself to write up any nooze this afternoon. The word on Patty’s car has flattened us. The body shop has so many jobs in hand, it’s only accepting easy ones. And this one won’t be easy.

I can’t find any way to comfort my wife, and I’m not feeling any too chipper myself.

Please give us your prayers.

2 comments on “Sorry, No Nooze Today

  1. I think we all understand that kind of problem. Our van has been hit a number of times. And back in the states there were a few times my car needed repairs.

    One time our van (the Sardine Express, titled that way, for the many times people had been packed like sardines within), had a full load of ladies from our church, including my wife. They had parked the van on the side of the road, and all had gotten out. Five minutes later, a few large pipes from a flatbed truck, carrying a load of large pipes came lose, and went through the side window and out the back of the van. Had they all still been in the van… well, that would have made headline news. Thank the Lord for His mercy.

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