‘Almost Hopeless’ Means ‘A Little Bit Hopeful’

Our car situation has been upgraded from Completely Hopeless to Very Difficult And Not Likely to Turn Out Well. That’s a little bit of ground gained.

I couldn’t help thinking of this scene from The Princess Bride, in which Miracle Max explains, “Mostly dead is a little bit alive.” Patty’s car, at present, is mostly dead: which means a little bit alive.

Well, we’re still here, which means God’s providence has never failed us. These things come along and stomp on our lives and try us. As bad as this car thing is, losing our cat Peep was worse; and Patty’s hernia was no picnic, either. It’s a fallen world and bits of it are always falling on us.

But God put us here and gave us the ability to help, and love, and care for, and comfort one another: that’s why we’re here. Just recently I’ve been surprised by how many people are willing to help us cope with this mess. Something to be kept in mind, from now on.

Thank you for your prayers.

And now I have to crank out a Newswithviews column.

7 comments on “‘Almost Hopeless’ Means ‘A Little Bit Hopeful’

  1. The Lord promised us “I will never leave you or forsake you” and that is something I remind myself of every day (several times) and you can be sure it includes you.

  2. Amen.
    And the reason I haven’t been around all day is for something good, for a change — a day out with a friend.

    1. Hopscotch at our age would be more like hobblescotch. 🙂 No, we had an early lunch, sat around and talked, then went for ice cream and sat around and talked some more. Our jaws can still hop even though our joints may be scotched. (“Scotched” in 16-17C England usually meant “injured” or “stymied.” See also Macbeth: “We have scotched the snake, not killed it.”)

  3. You have the right attitude about the car. It is replaceable, if not fixable. You will find a way to have a car you can depend on, and all this trauma will become a memory and a story to tell.

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