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The last time we tried to watch an American TV cop show–an episode of Law and Order–it was so PC as to be unendurable. More than flesh and blood could bear. So we watch British cop shows instead.

They are not without their problems. I have collected a sampler of British cop show cliches. You can expect to find them in pretty much every show (hat tip to Endeavor as a wonderful and much-appreciated exception to the rule).

*The person at the top of the chain of command is a nitwit. The hero/heroine has to work around him. Because he’s so dumb, his subordinates do as they please. They always know way better than he or she does, anyway.

*Every cop show protagonist lives for The Job, on call 24/7, and has no life of his own. This is presented as being highly praiseworthy and never seems to lead to burnout.

*Everyone except the person who turns out to be the murderer is totally on board with LGBT and has no need or ability to question it. No one but a murderer would ever even imagine questioning it.

*Nice clergy don’t believe in all that stuff, they’re only there to be nice. If they do believe in it, they’re either crazy or evil, or both.

*The press exists only as a noisy nuisance, completely unrestrained by decency, common sense, or good manners.

Every now and then you run into exceptions. I wonder how many of these cliches burden American cop shows. But I can’t tell you because I don’t watch any.

4 comments on “UK Cop Show Cliches

  1. We have grown attached to Blue Bloods. I think you’d like it. Fairly presents today’s issues as seen by the NYPD.

  2. BBC cop shows is about all we watch. There is no cussing (except “bloody”) and few sexual scenes, which are PG. “Father Brown” is strong on repenting of sins so you can go to Heaven.

    1. We used to like that Father Brown series with Mark Williams… until they had an episode featuring a saintly abortion provider.

  3. A saintly abortion provider…ha…ha…ha, ha, ha, ha, ha….and a bit more ha,ha,ha…
    Abortion is a great evil, it’s insane that anyone in their right mind could feature someone so evil as “saintly.”

    Yeah, I once knew a saintly ax murder with a heart of gold, he loved puppies, warm sunny days, and walks in the park at midnight.

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