PCUSA ‘Minister’ Stumps for Abortion

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I haven’t the heart to post this woman’s picture. Even a mother spider (above) takes care of the babies that God gives her.

“Blessed are those who end pregnancies,” bleats a Presbyterian Church USA minister who has just been elected vice president of the Society of Christian Ethics (https://protestia.com/2023/08/18/pcusa-pastor-says-jesus-would-have-been-an-abortion-doula-blessed-are-those-end-their-pregnancies/).

Yeah, we’re in trouble, all right.

If Our Lord Jesus Christ were here today, she asserts, he would surely be “an abortion doula,” helping “oppressed and stigmatized” women kill their babies. She herself has had two abortions. Hip, hip, hooray.

She also treats us to the usual drivel about “the feminine face of Christ.” How do these people sleep at night?

She’s sort of a big wheel in the PCUSA, so we can only conclude that her pro-abort crusade has the denomination’s full approval. They certainly haven’t discouraged her from representing them in pro-abortion demonstrations.

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin…

9 comments on “PCUSA ‘Minister’ Stumps for Abortion

  1. How pitiful. No wonder our nation is under judgement. How long will God tolerate “churches” that behave like this?

  2. Abortion seems to be the centre of their new religion. It certainly isn’t Christianity.

    Dr. Borysenko infiltrated a woke left conference. She’s adamantly pro-“choice”, but after this event, she said she was basically forced to become more pro-life. They had a whole thing about home abortions, which was portrayed as sacred. They even had a display to give an example of a shrine one could make at home, so after they bled their baby out into the toilet, they could go over and pray to themselves and have a nice cup of herbal tea. The shrine was covered with various things borrowed from various pagan religions including, ironically, a fertility goddess statue. It was sickening.

  3. The PCUSA in our town is a haven for homosexuals. They have a house just for gay teens so they can have their own “community” (aren’t you getting sick and tired of that word?). And of course, they sponsored a Gay Pride Parade (barely attended, that goodness).

  4. I read part of the link and I had to stop, before my blood began to boil…She is senseless, stupid, insane, evil, malevolent, vile … I could use every word in my thesaurus for evil, and I still would not have enough words to describe what she is. She is proudly doing the work of devils.

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