Do We Want a ‘Smart Meter’?

Township of Nutley New Jersey - PSE&G Gas Main Project - Mid-June -  December 2023

“We make things work for you.” More like “We make you work for things.”

We received a notice from our power company yesterday warning us that we’ll be charged an extra $12 a pop for meter-reading unless we agree to let them install a “smart meter.”

We are not told what’s so “smart” about it. Or what it’s supposed to do for us.

When a liberal pitches something, anything, as “smart,” you can be pretty sure they mean something that will give THEM more control over your life. Business customers, by the way, will not be allowed to opt out; for them, smart meters will be mandatory (there’s that word again–and how they love it!).

Something bad has happened to the whole idea of America as a free country. It seems our Constitution has a harder and harder time protecting us.

Our country’s founders did their best to keep that from happening; but now it’s up to us.

4 comments on “Do We Want a ‘Smart Meter’?

  1. Just out of curiosity, can’t you do your own meter readings? Do they physically send someone out to read your meter?

    We never had to when living in an apartment or a townhouse, but now that we’re in a single dwelling home, we do our own readings. Once a month, with a 3 day window, we read out meter and send the number in online. If we don’t send it in, we get billed based on an estimate. If we repeatedly don’t send it in, month after month, they eventually send a person out to get an exact reading.

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