Garbage Education: ‘Equitable Grading Practices’

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Was Portland, Oregon, ever not a city full of fools?

Portland’s latest caper is “equitable grading practices” in which a grade of “0,” achieved by failing to hand in work, or getting caught cheating, won’t be a zero anymore but will count as a grade of “50 percent” (

Its purpose is to correct “racial disparities,” in case you haven’t already guessed.

It’s supposed to go into effect in 2025. Teachers are being re-trained in special “equity workshops.”

The school district has declined to comment.

Do you have to be still alive, to get a 50? No comment.

This is your school tax money, folks. Reward cheating. Reward those who don’t bother to do the work assigned. Train the kids to be useful idiots. And you’ll pay for it, as you always do.

Get your kids out of public education while you still can.

4 comments on “Garbage Education: ‘Equitable Grading Practices’

  1. What a racist program – or at least the idea behind the program, i.e., that non-whites need catch-up points to keep from failing. I often wish that black families would file discrimination complaints against these insulting policies.

    1. I absolutely do not understand why so many seemingly sane people keep sending their children to the public schools. That is a mystery to me.

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