A-Hunting He Will Go

You have to give this German shepherd “A” for effort. If any dog is going to catch a squirrel, it’ll be him. (He? But that sounds funny.)

Why the squirrel doesn’t just sit in the tree and make unflattering remarks about the dog’s ancestry… is a mystery to me.

2 comments on “A-Hunting He Will Go

  1. We had squirrels that lived in our yard. And Leo my dog, knew when I said that word, there was one in our yard, and he’d speed off to try and catch it. We were in the kitchen, and I told my wife, “Hold open the back door, and keep your feet out of the way.” I had my two arms around Leo’s chest and stomach, holding him a bit off the floor. When I excitedly yelled, Squirrel. Well, all four legs were going full speed, but they were not touching the floor. “Watch out.” I said as I released my hold, and like a race car on the starting line, he tore through the doorway, and tried climbing our trees to get the elusive creature. He never caught one.

    1. Our dog Rags used to pretend to be asleep so he could bushwhack the birds when they came to eat his dog food. His act was really quite convincing.

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