No Moar Rong Idears Aloud!!!!!!

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Thats “it,,” its Tyme our Collidge we got tuff on Rong Idears!!! We heered abuot it in the news and nhow we Know “waht” To Do (!!

We helded “a” meating Of “the” Stoodint Soviet and we voated U-nanimosityly to Punnish Rong Idears and nott Alouw enny-boddy “to” Has them enny-moar!!!

We seen this heer Moovie, “”Kool-Aid Luke,” and thay has this Suet Box and “iff yiu” brake the rools yiu gots to Be “in The” Suet Box for howers And howers until Yore Mynd Is Rite!!!!!! I thinck Thare “is” a Kitt that yiu “can Senned” awhay foar, witch we kneed becose our Collidge it doughnt has a Suet Box!!!! But it duz nhow!!!!!!!

So fromb nhow “on” yiu Cant “say” hatful Things like “”A “man” Is Not a wimmin!”!”! That whil laand yiu In “the” Suet Box untill yore Myned is rite!!!! And yiu Cant thinck themb ether!!!

Immadjin a Hole countree ware thare Issnt No-Boddy who gots A Rong Idear!!

Meenwile we wil kneed “a” lot Moar Suet Boxes!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I saw a suet box in the supermarket today. It was in the pet section, among the other combinations of food for the bird feeders. (Hee hee hee.)

    I like the play on “Kool-Aid Luke,” too. They certainly have imbibed a lot of the stuff, haven’t they? (Hee hee hee again.)

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