‘Protected! By the First Amendment (We Hope)’ (2019)

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Apostate phony clergy “praying” with the homosexual flag

Remember this? Just a few years ago, the California legislature passed a resolution blaming Christians for suicides among the sexually aberrant. The Constitution wouldn’t let them make it a… “law.”

Protected! by the First Amendment (We Hope)

Do you ever get the impression that Far Left Crazy wants to turn the whole planet into a freakin’ prison camp? That they would, if they could, dig right into your skull and root out any ideas they didn’t like? And if it killed you–too bad!

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  1. The goal of Marxism is for the gov’t to own all the land and everyone who dwells on it. This idea precedes Karl Marx by centuries. Aristotle thought children should be owned by the State. Statism of some form is always the alternative to the Triune God of the Bible.

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