Does Your Dog Watch TV?

Here’s one of those bulldogs who’s become famous by reacting to what he sees on TV. And yet a lot of other dogs completely ignore it. Ditto with cats: some get into TV and some just don’t.

I have to admit the barks scared me more than the movie.

4 comments on “Does Your Dog Watch TV?

  1. Thanks, now I am going to have nightmares. You admit it. I admit nothing. I didn’t do it, whatever it is.

  2. My cat and I were watching a YouTube video of Luna the Pantera recently. She was duly impressed by Luna, who is a melanistic leopard, and a very tame house pet.

    1. “ What’s a home without a leopard or two?”

      Impoverished. 🙂

      It’s surprising, because this leopard is quite docile. She’s a smallish, female leopard, but still large enough to be quite dangerous if she chose to be aggressive. Most of the time, Luna acts like an oversized house cat, including some fairly silly behavior. Fair ‘nuff; she is a cat, after all.

      Seeing a melanistic leopard, filmed in close quarters, is amazing. She’s a very sleek animal and can jump eight feet vertically, seemingly with little effort.

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