Predatory Globalism

Hijacked United Airlines Flight 175 flies toward the south tower of the World Trade Center on Tuesday, Sept, 11, 2001.

(Photo from The Deseret News)

As I see it, one thing has changed since September 11, 2001.

Worldwide, governments have revealed themselves as predators, eager to devour civil liberties. We call it “globalism.” They want a global government, with themselves in charge, and don’t care what they have to do to get it.

On 9/11 we were at peace, and yet we were attacked. No enemy before or since has ever killed so many Americans on American soil. No declaration of war, no armies, no naval bombardments. They hijacked some airliners and crashed them into buildings.

Under the guise of fighting off the COVID-19 virus, predatory globalists all over the world jumped at the opportunity to throttle liberty. Rather than blow up buildings, they blow up our national borders. Rather than kill us outright, they work to sterilize the next generation. And the list of things one must not say–the Justice Dept. will get you if you do!–grows longer by the day.

History shows us that in every age, some enemy, some evil empire, rises up and attempts to rule the world. Once they sought to do it by force. Now they do it by seduction. And lies. “Climate Change will kill us all, unless we give government the power to stop it by any means they deem necessary!”

No institutions will protect us, no politics will suffice, nothing will defend us… unless we put our trust in God, the sovereign judge of all the earth.

He, and only He, puts down the evil empires. And we are blessed by serving Him.

2 comments on “Predatory Globalism

  1. I agree, worldwide, governments have revealed they are predators, and eager to devour civil liberties with “globalism” and don’t care what they have to do to get it.

    They were no hijackers with airliners that crashed into buildings on 9/11. They found an intact passport from one of the hijackers that hadn’t burned up? Steel framed buildings that catch fire do not collapse because of fire. Building 7, a 47-story building, that was not even hit by debris, and just collapsed at free-fall speed? An airliner tore through a twin tower, and its still intact nose poked out the other side of the building? Really? Was its nose composed of solid steel? And two buildings that size, there should have been a massive pile of rubble, where did it go? Concrete from buildings that collapse, most of it doesn’t’ turn to dust. Where were all the desks, chairs, file cabinets, and other office equipment, almost none was found? It would have been crushed, bent, and very flat, where did all that equipment go? And a thousand other events of that day, do not add up to the official story. It’s all a pack of lies, damned lies! About the only thing we know for sure, those buildings ended up in a pile of rubble, with most of the rubble missing.

    Great evil is afoot. But the Lord has not left us. He really does care. He has His own plan and it will not fail.

  2. I was just wondering; how many bodies were never recovered from the twin towers? The article I just read stated: “There are 1,106 victims whose remains have not been found.” Well, they will never find them now, for all the debris is gone and a new building stands in place of the two towers. Where did all those bodies go? I’m sure they probably would not have found all of them, but one third of the bodies, just disappeared? Along with most of the rubble… If you watch closely the videos from that day, sometimes you will see crumbling concrete and steel, just turn into dust … move along folks, nothing to see here…

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