Gov’t Losing Censorship Battle


Did agencies of the federal government pressure and threaten social media platforms to censor opinions that they didn’t like?

That’s what a lawsuit, Missouri v. Biden, says. And the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals turned down the government’s request to lift a temporary injunction that said “Stop doing that!” And now it looks like the case is on its way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

5th Circuit Rules Government Violated Speech Rights of Americans

The link is to a long article on that details a mass of legal maneuverings… the upshot of it boiling down to “The Constitution says don’t do that!” A number of governmental agencies, including, of course, the FBI, has been accused of curbing Americans’ free speech rights; and so far the Bad Guys have been taking a beating in the courts. The suit was filed last May by the attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana; so it’s taken over a year to get this far.

We pray this leads to a total defeat of the COVID kings in government.

I’ll have more to say about in the next post.

2 comments on “Gov’t Losing Censorship Battle

  1. A day late and a dollar short — or a few years late and trillions of dollars short. The damage has already been done. And the miscreants will do it again, knowing that once again they’ll have plenty of time to do more damage before they wind up in a toothless court with no consequences to themselves. (Sorry, no Pollyanna today.)

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