‘Why Do I Even Bother?’ (2013)

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I don’t hear much anymore about The Annunaki FROM ORION. But that’s only because our popular culture produces a succession of inanities, and maybe this one’s time is over.

Why Do I Even Bother?

There’s a lot of hogwash sloshing around in a lot of people’s heads–thank you, world history’s most costly and intrusive education system–and yesterday it was all over the Internet: “a glitch in The Matrix.” This is a “theory,” based on a freakin’ movie, that reality’s not real and we’re all living in this mega video game, yatta-yatta. Oh, yaaaah, I remember this from college, way back when. It was sophomoric then and it’s sophomoric now.

I mean, this is third-grade playground patter, unworthy of any adult.

Maybe this is FROM ORION, too.

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  1. The Hindi religion teaches Maya, that everything is really an illusion. VeVak Ramaswamy is a Hindu running for president. I don’t think he really believes the office of the President of the United States is really an illusion.

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