‘Hooray, We’re Not Confused Anymore!’

The Pushmi-Pullyu Struggle - Sue Rosen

Dr. Doolittle did it first

I never re-run two posts on the same day, but I feel compelled to make an exception today.

We the People have a mission: to preserve our liberty and our constitutional republic. We know our betters are committed to saddling us with Great Pandemic 2.0, complete with mail-in ballots and all the rest of their tricks to rig the 2024 elections for Democrats. They did it before and got away with it. We must not allow them to do it again.

Hooray, We’re Not Confused Anymore!

Remember! Remember what they did to us.

Here’s a little bit of it, which many of us didn’t notice at the time, or have since forgotten. Because there’s so much to remember.

The Make a Wish Foundation touched off a storm of controversy when the CEO announced they would not be taking the wishes of any terminally ill children who had not been… vaccinated. The ensuing backlash moved him to make another announcement.

Of course, he said, they wouldn’t withhold wishes from any of these children–provided they were “two weeks past completion of either a one-dose or two-dose vaccine.”

All we had to do was march in two contrary directions at once!

We must not let this happen again.

2 comments on “‘Hooray, We’re Not Confused Anymore!’

  1. Today, 9/11 is a day to remember – but not just the attack by terrorist manned jet planes, but all the lies the gov’t has told us about it. It is also interesting that in Donald J. Trump’s book that came out in 2000 predicted the attack on the World Trade Buildings, even naming Osama ben Laden as the one who would be responsible.

    1. I haven’t written anything today about 9/11. The wounds are still raw. And someone has to write about other things. Our republic survived 9/11, but it’s a long way from being home free.

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