Another Electric Car Goes ‘Kaboom!’

Electric Vehicle Fires

A “luxury electric car” parked at Sydney Airport, a few days ago, suddenly burst into flames and burned up five more cars before firemen could put it out (

Hey, no big deal, said the chief doojy on the scene–because, he said, “It’s not often that electric cars catch fire.”

Great Caesar’s ghost! What does this guy mean by “not often”? All right, every electric car doesn’t just blow up for no apparent reason. But enough of them do to constitute a fairly frequent mention in the news. And all right, it’s Australia, so maybe their English is different from ours. Maybe “not often” means “Well, not every bloody day, mate!”

Dude, can you see that picture with the caption, “Electric Car Fires”? Do you think there would even be such a picture, if “not often” was an accurate description of the matter?

By contrast, I have lived in the same small town for 74 years and no plain old gas-powered car has ever burst into flames. It has NEVER happened here. Crikey, our president’s electric car blew up, a year or so ago!

Have we reached a point where no public official, ever, tells the truth–about anything?

Looks that way, doesn’t it?

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  1. Hey, what happened to all those “consumer advocates”? Remember Ralph Nader’s “Unsafe At Any Speed” that killed a whole line of cars? Where are the Nader Raiders now, when we have cars that are unsafe even when standing still?

  2. “We don’t have a concern about this broadly, it’s not often that electric cars catch fire.” It’s not that often? You have got to be kidding!

  3. Batteries are dangerous, so the bigger the battery the more dangerous the battery. Truck batteries in EVs weigh up to 10,000 pounds – how would you like being hit by one of them running a red light?

    1. The whole thing is just plain crazy. They are trying to create an artificial demand for something that not many people wanted or even thought about.

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