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“Got you, sucker!”

Still want to send your kid to public school, do you?

This school year has only just started, and already “school officials” have suspended a six-year-old child for playing cops and robbers by pointing fingers at each other and yelling “Bang, bang!” (

According to (ahem!) school officials, the child’s playground behavior constituted “a threat to do serious bodily harm.”

You want your children educated by those?

This was in Jefferson County… Alabama. Not New York. Not California. Not even those nuts in Loudon County, Virginia–although they may well be having a “Why didn’t we think of that?” moment.

Next it’ll be a push for “finger gun control.” For a “mandate,” of course–not legislation. These people get off on mandates.

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  1. This kind of insanity has been going on for quite a while in the government schools. Remember the case of the kid who was suspended for biting his pop-tart (I think it was a pop-tart) into what could be considered the shape of a gun?

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Government school staff – from classroom to administrative office to unions to government agencies – hate children. Probably because they sense that the children are smarter and better adjusted than they themselves are.

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