Kitten and Ducklings

Sorry! Something distracted me, and I forgot to post it.

What I’d like to know is, Why is it necessary to give this kitten a bath? Were the ducklings supposed to set a good example? None of our cats ever needed a bath. My sister had to give my iguana a bath once, but that’s another story.

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  1. I keep trying, but I don’t think my replies are getting through, and don’t know what to do.

    1. This one got here all right.
      I wish I knew what to say about this. Have you read Phoebe’s comments? They might help.
      Elder Mike is having problems with it too.
      Freakin’ WordPress… betcha anything it’s their fault.

  2. Sometimes a comment doesn’t show up immediately, but if you come back later it’s there. Of course, then it may disappear again, but that’s WordPress for you. I’m also beginning to wonder whether people who don’t read your blog can see the comments I’m leaving here, since I now supposedly have a blog of my own and my comments may be showing up on it. I know a couple of my comments have been “liked” by people I’ve never seen commenting here before. That’s disturbing.

    Lee, can you persuade Chalcedon to use some other platform? This one seems to be driving your readers (including me) bonkers.

    1. I take back what I just said. I just got a notification that someone had replied to a previous comment of mine on this post, but when I came here to read it, it hadn’t shown up. This person also has a blog, and had invited me to read it. I don’t understand what’s happened. Something is very wrong at WordPress.

    2. If you send me your blog address, I’ll try it and let you know what I see.
      I have a lot of readers who “like” but never comment. Some of them have been here for years.

    3. I finally figured out what happened. The supposed reply from the “liker” wasn’t really a reply. It was a comment by WordPress that I should try reading the liker’s WordPress blog.

      Meanwhile, I wish I could get across to everyone the fact that if they don’t see a comment immediately after posting one, just GO AWAY AND WAIT A MINUTE OR TWO and then come back. Sooner or later the comment will appear. The delay may have something to do with the approval mechanism at the blogger’s end.

    4. Thanks, Phoebe. Like I said, these comments do show up here, where I can read them.
      I’m waiting for a response from the Happiness Engineers.

    1. Mike, go to WordPress, log in, bring up your profile, and make sure your “Display Name” is the way you want it. Sometimes you have to cruise through a lot of settings to find what you’re looking for.

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