‘HBO Presents–Filthworld’ (2015)

Yul brynner westworld hi-res stock photography and images ...

Don’t be fooled! It’s a killer robot.

(Question: Is HBO still in business? I’ve never had a pay-TV station, so how would I know?)

We’d resent it if the Dept. of Sanitation dumped garbage into our living room. But cable TV companies and movie studios do it all the time–and we pay them to do it!

HBO Presents: Filthworld

Yeah, HBO took Michael Crichton’s science-fiction thriller about the theme park from Hell (this was before Jurassic Park) and packed it chock-full of aberrant sex. And no, I didn’t watch it. I can still read descriptions when I put my mind to it.

We keep thinking culture-killing is a recreation which we can get away with indefinitely. Someday someone will write the history of how our alleged civilization destroyed itself.

Don’t say the Bible didn’t warn ’em.

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  1. Jesus specifically said, men love darkness more than light. Fallen, sinful man loves his sin and will fight you to the death to keep it – unless he becomes born-again. Regeneration is the solution. It sure was the solution to my lost existence when I was in college after high school.

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