HBO Presents: Filthworld

Yul Brynner was the out-of-control robot gunslinger in 1973’s Westworld movie.

Please don’t ever think I enjoy reporting on this schlock. I am trying to convince people that wrecking the culture is not something you can get away with. The Bible should have already convinced them of that. But how do you convince a heart of stone, a wooden head?

Nevertheless, I carry out my duty to sound the alarm.

Remember Westworld? Written by Michael Crichton and starring Yul Brynner, this movie came out in 1973. It was all about a big theme park where you could go for the experience of living in different “worlds” of history–like the Old West, or Europe in the Middle Ages–where the inhabitants were super-realistic robots and the paying guest could be a big cheese. This was Crichton’s theme park from hell, before he wrote Jurassic Park. Of course the gunslinger robot in Westworld gets out of hand and starts killing the guests. You can take it from there.

Now HBO is preparing a Westworld TV series. Apparently the writers have got the Old West confused with ancient Rome’s Satyricon: you won’t believe the contract they’re asking you to sign if you want to be an extra ( ).

Not to filth up my page, click the link and see what they want their extras to do in front of the cameras. Crikey–with all that sex free-for-all going on, how did they ever find the time or the energy to arrange the gunfight at the OK Corral? “Westworld,” in its new incarnation, might be more fittingly named “STDworld.”

And this is the toxin that the audience are expected to pump into their brains. “Fill ‘er up”–not with gas, but with slime.

One shudders to imagine what pornographers must have to do, to stay ahead of this curve.

This is not good for you and not good for your culture.

You are not going to like the desert island upon which all this stuff maroons you.

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