How Not to Behave in Church

Bar Brawl - TV Tropes

You’d never guess it was a church service, would you?

Something’s wrong with people, these days.

A few days ago police in Fernandina Beach, Florida, came a-runnin’ to break up a fight… between two women… in church ( St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, to be specific.

I have a hard time imagining this. Police had to sort out which of the women had started the fight–well, at least they had a lot of witnesses. Despite the women’s efforts to choke, punch, and trip each other, not to mention harsh language and a cup of hot coffee, neither of the women was injured.

Is this how anyone behaves in church? It reminds me of the saloon brawl scenes in old Westerns. The guy at the piano keeps playing while the cowboys break furniture on each other’s heads. I’d like to know how the church organist at St. Peter’s reacted to this event.

One can hardly find words.

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