‘”Change?” What Change? “Action?” What Action?’ (2019)

Mussolini message to future revealed under Rome obelisk - BBC News

Yeah, let’s have some Change! This time it’s bound to turn out right!

One thing that never changes is Far Left ignorant knot-heads calling for “change.” Oh, how tiresome that gets! Change this, change that, change everything–as long as these jidrools get to lord it over us. ‘Cause that’s what they want. That’s all they want.

‘Change?’ What Change? ‘Action?’ What Action?

We’re about to enter another presidential election season, if we haven’t reeled and staggered into it already; and we’re going to hear the world’s biggest fat-heads bloviate for “change.”

But all they really want is to take your money and lock you up.


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  1. They can stick it in their ear. I am set in the way of my Lord and will NOT move away no matter how difficult it may get.

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