What? You Don’t Potty-Train Your Children?

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Someday “teachers” will be doing this for 11-year-olds. Maybe that will keep them out of mischief.

This is one of the most towering damnfool things I’ve ever heard. I’ve just got to write it up for Newswithviews (so stay tuned tomorrow). For the time being, here’s the quicky blog version.

From “Your Tango”: “Teacher Explains Why More Kindergarteners Than Ever Are Starting School Still in Diapers” (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/4184855/posts). Catchy headline, isn’t it?

So myriads of children are showing up for kindergarten without the benefit of potty-training–five years old, most of them–and teachers are having to change their diapers for them. And all that time they should be teaching ’em that boys can be girls and girls can be boys and America’s a racist hell-hole, etc., etc.

But why are so many kids not potty-trained?

If you guess that trendy stupid ideology’s behind it, you won’t go wrong.

Ee-yah! No small number of parents have bought into this: it’s not just karma raining on the teachers’ unions. When you cultivate stupidity, it grows. Heck, it grows like freakin’ kudzu if you don’t constantly prune it back.

That’s what’s happening with our civilization. Kill the culture, and it will surely kill you back.

7 comments on “What? You Don’t Potty-Train Your Children?

  1. I guess you don’t have to feed them, either, until they “express that they’re ready” to eat — but of course you won’t know when they’re ready because training them to talk (in order to express that they’re hungry) before they express that they’re ready to learn…. oops, but they won’t be able to “express” that either, will they?

    Parents like these need some training themselves, preferably in a good old-fashioned church. (And note that these days we have to specify what kind of church as well.)

  2. I hated changing diapers. You would think, the earlier or sooner you didn’t have to change a diaper, would be a good thing.

    That stupid ideology caused another real big problem. Now, a whole lot more disposable diapers going into landfills. I bet they never thought about that.

  3. I used to sub teach kindergarten classes from time to time because the little ones are so cute. But too often I found myself calling the janitor because one of the kids had messed his pants and the rest room as well. No more kindergarten classes for this sub.

  4. When my SIL was home with her infant and toddler sons (who are now in their late 30’s), she babysat a 3 yr old to bring in some extra money. The mother had the kid in diapers, but wanted my SIL to potty train him. The kid actually did fine at her place, but every morning, the mother brought him back in a diaper, because she didn’t keep it up at home.

    The mother also had a “no violent toys” requirement, but every now and then he would be dropped off with his own toy gun or similar “violent” toy.

    That arrangement didn’t last long.

    Many cultures still don’t have diapers. In colder climates, their toddlers had pants with large holes in them. They quickly learned to squat when the feeling came. Over time, kids will learn to control themselves.

    The problem with keeping them in modern diapers/pull ups until they are “ready” is, they learn to like that warm squishy feeling, and diapers keep everything in. They are actually being trained NOT to control themselves. Sort of a reverse potty training.

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