Hi-Tech for Cats

Are we dealing with preposterously rich people who have a whole room set aside for their cats? And it’s spotless, too. Are we sure we’re still on earth? And the cats have a robo-vac to play with. Sweet!

10 comments on “Hi-Tech for Cats

  1. That video is so far over the top, even in the US, I never saw anything like that room just for cats. Of course, I didn’t hang out with rich people. And here, living among many who don’t always have enough food to eat, all I can think about, instead of spending all that money on that insane waste, how much good could all that wasted money do for those who really need help. Of course, help does not mean just giving money away.

    And you will not see any pampered cats like those in that video in most towns here.

  2. Very often these rooms are set up specifically for photography so the videos can be posted to YouTube or some other platform on which the owner can earn money. Or the people who set up the rooms are actually cat rescuers or fosterers – or they may even be breeders.

  3. That is true, cats and most dogs are happy with a paper bag or cardboard box. And so are children, with a big box. Just cut out doors and windows in that box, and they will play with it until it falls apart.

  4. That was quite a video, and I have to admire the Rockbilly soundtrack. It amazes me that cats would want to ride on that robot vacuum. I’ve seen any number of videos where that happens, so I guess that cats enjoy riding on wheeled vehicles.

    Speaking of paper bags, my cat took possession of a piece of brown packing paper and uses it as her bed. She keeps it in a corner, out of the way, so I let her have it. My cat’s prize possession is a piece of packing paper. 🙂

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