‘A Halloween Story’ (2017)

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It’s 46 Global Warming Climbit Chainge degrees here this morning, landlord hasn’t turned on the building’s heating system, and it sure feels like Halloween is breathing down our necks.

A Halloween Story

I had a witch mask like that when I was in 5th grade; and yes, other kids were afraid of it… until they recognized my voice.Somebody else had an Ida Lupino costume, but no one was afraid of that.

It was all in fun. Way back before the sleazy element crept in.

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  1. The house down the street from me where many foster children have lived and are living, is a complete gross out of Halloween degradation on display. Besides the skeleton witches, and giant Grim Reaper, they now have added a prison cell with little broken dolls in it. Satan, begone!

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