‘Oh, Boy! A New “Religion”‘ (2017)

Do Catholics Worship Idols? | Jesse Romero

Modern definitions of “religion” are so broad and so vague as to be no definitions at all–but we want to be Inclusive!

That’s how stuff like “kopimism” gets through the door.

Oh, Boy! A New ‘Religion’

What is this but hi-tech idolatry? Yeahbut, yeahbut! It makes absolutely no moral demands on its followers! How cool is that? No right, no wrong, no need for salvation, no soul, no spirit–

Imported from Sweden, so you know it must be good!


5 comments on “‘Oh, Boy! A New “Religion”‘ (2017)

  1. Let me get this straight; violating copyright, according to these people, is now a sacred rite?! The stupidity of this is beyond description. Of course, appointing a 20 year old as some sort of spiritual leader doesn’t sound like all that swift of an idea, either.

    I work in the technical world. It is both wonderful, and terrible, simultaneously. There are amazing tools which allow us to do things which are very useful, but there are also some aspects which make me shudder, not the least of which is the depersonalization that has happened.

    But to reduce humanity to being defined by computer data is asinine. The most humble mind among us has much more going for it that any imaginable computer. Yes, humans process data, but the most amazing computer imaginable can’t begin to simulate true consciousness. Copying files is a simple, electronic function, aided by the computer software which brings the ability to copy into the realm of consumers. Files are packaging for data, nothing more, nothing less, but the information may well be confidential, and deserving of protection.

    As an example, classified information is allowed only on networks deemed secure and protected from eavesdropping, by elaborate measures. The weak link is the human element, but strong measures are emplaced to prevent data leakage, due to human factors. The events of the last few days, should be adequate examples of how important security is when it comes to matters of state. I wish it wasn’t this way, but we need confidentiality in our world.

    However, I suspect that most of what this new “religion” seeks is simply to pilfer copyrighted works, for their own use. Computers make this a simple task, at least for things such as music, and the ability to pirate songs has had profound effects upon the music industry, where the profitability of producing music has been severely impacted. As a result, there is less in the way of high quality music available. Copying has disrupted the sources of creative content.

    As with so many things, this is just another foolish behavior, which has been elevated above its true status.

    1. People used to worship chunks of wood and stone that they’d carved with their own hands. The materials are jazzier, but the folly is the same.

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