If You Want to Be Rescued…

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(“They promised me a bigger boat than this!”)

War erupts in Israel. Terrorists murdering people all over the place. Many American visitors trapped–how do they get out?

Well, be not affrighted, the Biden Administration will send planes and ships to take you out.

But first you’ve gotta pay. No promissory note, no rescue (https://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1338325/pg1). We are not told how much you have to pay Biden Inc. to rescue you from the war in Israel. “Hey, what’s it worth to you? Maybe you can do me a service…”

Also, you can’t demand they bring you home to America or drop you off in some other country of your choice. You don’t get a choice. “What the h____! You left me in Libya! I don’t want to be in Libya!” Too bad, bunkie. It might be a little hard, from certain locations, to stop payment on your promissory note. Don’t think they haven’t thought of that.

Weak & Feckless. It sounds like a law firm in a Charles Dickens story; but you could certainly apply it to our current, uh, “government.”


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  1. What’s even more disgusting is to see that several other countries are sending their own aircraft to airlift their citizens out, or footing the bill for flights by commercial airlines. Maybe our citizens should claim to be noncitizen “asylum seekers” so they can get not only free transport but free food and lodging and medical care when they get to the States.

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