Wy Woont Thay Lissin ‘To’ Hillery???

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Hear “at the” Stoodint Soviet we Are M-A-D! at Jobydin foar Not “dooing” waht Hillery she says!!!! Doughnt he know she Is “the” Smarttist Wimmin “in The” whirld??

So natcherly becose he doughnt Taik “goood advyce” he nevver Yet “got” startid rownding Up awl themb MAGMA biggits and Haters and Racists who Are “tryingto” reck Our Dimmocrassy!!!!!! Lyke Hillery she sayed, thay has got “To Be” lockt Up and dee-pogromed!!!! Becose it is agginst The Law to has themb kynd Of thawts!!!!!

Yes, I amb tawking Abuot Brane Warshing!!!! Thare, Ive sayed It!! Wen sumb Thing it is durty,, yiu got to warsh it!!!!! and awl themb peple thaive Got durty Branes!!!!!! This here it is wye I warsh my Undies at leest oncet A Yeer!! Immajin haow turrable It wood “Be” iff yiu has a hedd-full of durty Undies!!!!! Whell “thats” waht its lyke ToBe MaGMA!!!! Thayr hedds Are Full “of” Darnold Trumpt’s duirty Undies!!!!!!

Freedum Of Speach it doz Not allouw yiu To say MAGMA things!!! Ownly rite Things!!!! That is waht Freedum it reely meens!!!!!

So comb On, Jo, get “on” the Stick!!! Rownd Up all themb MAgMa peple!!!!! and warsh thare Branes!!!!!!!!!! Oar elss yiu whill “be” heering fromb us!!!

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