Suicidal Idiocy as Policy

Latest news on Gaza and Israel-Hamas conflict

Hamas started it.

There’s this new way of making war, see. Instead of having your armies march up to the enemy, flags flying, etc., etc., you don’t do any of that stuff: no. You just have “migrants” wander into the stupid target country that allows it; and when you’ve got enough of them in strategic places, you give the hi sign and all hell breaks loose. The victim country can’t turn back your invading forces because they’re already across the border.

Keep this in mind, because Democrats, inspired by the murderous chaos in Israel, launched from Gaza, want America to take in thousands of “Gaza refugees” ( How’s that for an idea!

Senators Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, Marco Rubio, and Tim Scott have already blocked this dunderheaded scheme in the Senate. They’re all Republicans. I promise to go out and do a hand stand if even a single Democrat says, or whispers, “Uh, maybe we shouldn’t?”

Oh! But let’s trot out the tear-jerking photos of innocent children trapped in Gaza’s hell-hole! And of course, of course, we promise not to let any bad guys from Hamas find sanctuary here in America. If you’re with Hamas, you definitely or almost definitely do not get a free cell phone!

Maybe if we let enough “Gaza refugees” into our country, we can turn around one day and see it’s now our turn to be butchered in our beds by terrorists.

You really have to wonder, don’t you?

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  1. In several polls that I’ve seen, when those poor innocent Gazans were asked over the years (last poll I saw was from 2021) whether they were in favor of killing (or “firing rockets at”) Jews, anywhere from 70% to 89% said they were in favor of it. And those were polls of civilians, not Hamas fighters. It makes sense, since the children are taught from infancy to hate Jews and want to kill them. It’s also in their sacred books, i.e., the Koran and hadith. So when these “refugees” are brought into our country, we can be certain that at least 3 out of 4 of them want to kill Jews. How delightful.

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