How ‘Informed’ Is ‘Well-Informed’?

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I welcome further discussion of how much nooze we ought to cover on this blog.

It’s not too far-out to say that a steady diet of “news” can be depressing, demoralizing, trance-inducing, and can lead to tunnel-vision: you focus so intently on the “news” that you don’t see anything that isn’t covered in the news. And that’s actually rather a lot.

I have friends and family members who have not read a book since they were in college, decades ago. But boy, do they watch nooze! They know the names of politicians’ lawyers. They’re not likely to remember anything that happened more than a few weeks ago; they read no history.

So why follow any news at all? You don’t have to be Sun Tzu to realize you stand a better chance of survival if you know what the enemy is up to. A lot of this horror, we should be talking to God about, in prayer.

I’m a student of history, trained and experienced as a news reporter (back when sane people did it). I see our civilization under attack and I want to cry out a warning. Very hard to hold it back!

So… waddaya say, folks? The door is open wide for feedback.

4 comments on “How ‘Informed’ Is ‘Well-Informed’?

  1. I agree that it’s important to keep up with what’s going on — and also to hear other people’s take on it. Constantly feeding off our own insights can give us indigestion. But not having any food at all can lead us to swallow anything our enemies or overlords (but I repeat myself) choose to feed us. Keep the nooze coming.

  2. Well, for us Canadians, the only way we can share news stories these days. Thanks to our Prime Dictator trying to extort companies into paying him… er… the CRTC … for every news link shared, the only way we can share news stories on social media is through things like blog posts.

    I never thought I’d see the day I’d side with Facebook and Google on something.

    1. I plan to continue posting news items–most of which will have slipped past a lot of readers. But nobody needs me to cover war news.

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