‘”Why the Good Guys Always Lose” (2013)’

Twas the Night Before Pride

“Educating” our country to death.

Gee, our public “educators” are deeply screwing things up. Guess it’s time we had a meaningful dialogue with the teachers’ unions. [Run screaming to the sidewalk.]

‘Why the Good Guys Always Lose’ (2013)

Rebecca Hagelin babbled this in 2013–and thanks to “public educators” and teachers’ unions running wild, our country’s plight has grown so much the worse.

TAKE THE CHILDREN OUT OF THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS. It’s the only action that will have any meaning. The only thing that will work. The schools are way beyond reform. They can’t be fixed.

If America fails to make it to the 22nd century, it’ll be largely the work of our alleged “education” system.

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