‘Do You Trust Your Government?’

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Stop, I can’t stand it, it’s just too funny!

A radio station in Tulsa, Oklahoma, KTUL, is taking a poll, asking listeners, “Do you trust your elected leaders to pass legislation to keep your community safe?” (https://ktul.com/question/vote-do-you-trust-your-elected-leaders-to-pass-legislation-to-keep-your-community-safe-question-of-the-day-the-national-desk#)

Here, wait a moment–better sit down first. The poll is ongoing, so you can click the link and enter your vote. But so far… so far…

96 percent (!) have voted N-O No!

96%??? Saddam Hussein couldn’t get 96%, and he’d kill ya if you voted against him.

But then if this era of government hubris, failure, greed, and comedy doesn’t turn you into an anarchist, nothing will.

So… it looks like The Regime ain’t foolin’ anybody. But with mail-in voting, they can afford to say “What–me worry?”

8 comments on “‘Do You Trust Your Government?’

  1. Interesting question that seems to accept part of the problem as normal: “Do you trust your elected leaders to pass legislation to keep your community safe?” Umm, don’t we already have legislation on the books that’s supposed to keep people safe, like, uh, for example, laws against theft, assault, murder, arson, vandalism, etc., etc., etc.? Seems to me that we need more enforcement of the already existing laws rather than more and more laws that lawbreakers don’t obey, ordinary citizens get entrapped by, and the government increases its power with.

    (And I don’t care if my last sentence ends with a preposition. That’s another law that should never have been passed.)

    1. Government at all levels is increasingly predatory. We’re going to lose our republic if we don’t whip our “leaders” into line.

  2. Many times the government is just a reflection of the people. Evil government, evil people. Just consider the demoncrates who vote the demoncrates into office. Could a godly person vote for Biden or most of those in office?

    1. Sometimes we don’t have a real choice. The Party selects which candidates will run. And then there are all those Magical Mystical Mail-in ballots….

  3. It is in the primary where RINOS need to be defeated but the RNC always sticks by the incumbent. The political system is set up to be hard to crack. George Washington was against parties, but as soon as he left office the parties of Hamilton vs. Jefferson formed.

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