NY Times–‘Oops, Our Bad’

A person walking with a bicycle near damaged vehicles and charred ground.

It only hit the parking lot.

I don’t cover war news per se; but this story is more like “nooze news.” And lots and lots of sources are reporting this: take your pick.

The New York Times has admitted it, well, made a wee mistake in reporting that Israel bombed a hospital in Gaza and killed 500 people (https://www.politico.com/news/2023/10/23/gaza-hospital-new-york-times-00122986). “Oh, we just got it a little bit wrong!” In that Hamas, not Israel, launched the rocket; and it landed on a parking lot, killing no one in the hospital. Other than those little details, the story was just jim-dandy.

What consequences will the Times face for this inexcusable BS phony “news” coverage? I’m guessing none. Their boy Walter Duranty won a Pulitzer in the 1930s for being Josef Stalin’s cheerleader. You don’t see them giving it back, do you? Like, just because Duranty’s coverage was all lies…

A spokesbot for the Times said, “We relied too heavily on claims by Hamas.” Do tell. They wanted the story to be true. 

And I think we can all speculate for ourselves why that might be so.

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    1. They could always read my books instead… ha, ha. Heck, I watch a lot of movies, classic TV shows, and videos. It helps take my mind off things; it’s how I relax.
      But the “news” is not supposed to be fiction, and we don’t like propaganda.

  1. Years ago, before my lefty friends unfriended me on FB, I recall a bizarre conversation. This was back when Stephan Harper was our Prime Minister – a man with a degree in economics that guided us through a global recession with barely a hint of trouble for us Canadians. The leftists hated him like they hated Bush (a lot of them were ex-pats with dual citizenship, kept just so they could vote in US elections, even though they hated the US), and made all the usual claims against him about wanting to create a theocracy, getting women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, and eating kittens for breakfast.

    There was one bizarre accusation made against him in the media. I don’t even remember what it was, but it was all over the place for a while, until it turned out to be utterly and completely false.

    My left friends had been ranting and raving all over FB about how terrible it was that he was guilty of this thing. When it turned out to be completely false, I asked some of them about how they felt, about that? The universal response was, this was something he *would* have done, that’s why they believed it, and why they still hated him as if he *did* do the thing he didn’t do.

    My FB feed got much quieter and more peaceful as my lefty friends all unfriended me. It seems none of them could handle having their conclusions challenged by contradictory evidence.

    So it is now. People already believe that Israel *would* do something like this, so they will always believe such accusations of atrocities. They also believe Hamas are the victims of Israeli aggression, so they refuse to believe it when their guys commit atrocities. I’m seeing so many people claiming that all the evidence proving their conclusions wrong are all lies and propaganda by the Israelis. They *still* think Israel really did bomb a hospital and killed hundreds. They also believe that Israel was actually behind the Hamas massacre of innocents. Obsoletely nothing will convince them otherwise. Among the few that will actually acknowledge that, oops, they got it wrong, they *still* attack Israel, saying they’ve done stuff like this in the past and they will do it again, so it makes no difference that in this particular instance, everything turned out to be a lie.

    1. And when people like this get even a little bit of power… watch out.

      I remember Stephen Harper, but I don’t think I ever heard about some big thumping scandal about him that turned out to be totally false.

      But Canadian news is very poorly reported in the US.

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