Poll: ‘Most Americans’ See MAGA as ‘Threat to Democracy’

3 Reasons to Ignore that Twitter (or Weibo) Poll | U.S.-China Perception  Monitor

Just one of many things wrong with our polls

The–ahem!–science of opinion polling has become so corrupt, so tainted, so notoriously unreliable, that we’re almost back to where we were before polling was invented.

Like, for instance, this new Reuters/Ipsos poll claiming that “Most Americans” see the MAGA movement as “a threat to democracy” (https://www.usnews.com/news/top-news/articles/2022-09-07/most-americans-see-trumps-maga-as-threat-to-democracy-reuters-ipsos-poll).

Could anything be more worthless? Could anything be more crass? Hey, for all you schmendricks know, the MAGA movement is “most Americans”!

Where did they take this poll? At a teachers’ union convention? Who did they talk to? Gender Studies majors? Do they even know any Republicans? Is Castro’s Cuba their spiritual home?

Well, why should polling be any better than our nooze reporting? Actually, I think it’s worse (if such a thing were possible). And look at what we call our “education.”

This country hasn’t jumped off one cliff. It’s jumped off several dozen of them.

‘Dems Seek Still More Control Over Nooze Media’ (2019)

The Copyright Battle that Gave Cinematic Life to Dracula ‹ CrimeReads

Let’s have some fun! Provide a caption for this picture, and we’ll see whose is the best.

Ah, that double standard! What would they ever do without it?

Remember this? Democrats wanted to punish Fox News for not running a story that would’ve made Donald Trump look bad (that Stormy Daniels flap, if you remember that). Not running an unfavorable story is “a contribution in kind,” and against the law.

But so is running a favorable story. So either way, they’ve got you.

Dems Seek Still More Control over Nooze Media

Good grief! Remember how they all suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop story? Didn’t want that to see the light of day, did they?

It’s impossible to ensure that only strictly true news stories get published for strictly honest reasons. So our country’s founders decided to publish ’em all and let the public sort ’em out.

Libs just can’t live with that much freedom. It makes their skin break out. If other people who aren’t liberals have freedom, the libs can’t sleep at night.

Nursing Home Employee Forged Patients’ Signature on Absentee Ballots (She’s Going to Jail)

Fort Knox improvements include $69 million elementary school, new training  range

I’ve got to get back to work on my book, but first I want to tell you that an employee at a Michigan nursing home has pleaded guilty to forging the signatures of mentally disabled patients on absentee ballots (https://www.candgnews.com/news/center-line-nursing-home-employee-sentenced-for-election-fraud-122786).

Honk if you think you can guess which presidential candidate these defenseless patients supposedly voted for.

Rob a 7-11, and they’ll get you. Rob Fort Knox, and the, ahem, authorities will do everything in their power to pretend it never happened. The magnitude of the crime is its best protection.

Noozies and politicians keep telling us the election was on the level, 81 million phantoms came out to vote for Slojo, it’s Time To Move On and pretend it never happened. And we are told that now, now, most of the American people believe the election wasn’t stolen, after all.

That’s what we call a whopper.


Checking the ‘Fact-Checkers’

What is CNN 10? | CNN

Indoctrinating the kiddies…

Trusting in the truthfulness of an Associated Press “fact check” is like trusting in a robo-call that offers you three wishes.

Earlier this week, the Norwin, Pennsylvania, school board voted to repeal a policy that they’d had for a few years: the mandatory showing of CNN in middle-school classrooms during home room period. CNN, which has lost 90% of its viewership this year, is well-known as a Far Left purveyor of totally fake nooze. It also has a lot of–let’s call them “morally dubious characters” and let it go at that–working there.

Anyhow, before the board meeting, CNN had to be shown–had to!–in middle school home rooms. Now, after the board meeting, it won’t be. It’ll only be shown if the teacher or the school administration really want it on any given day.

Ah! But according to the AP “fact-checker,” what you’ve just read is all wet (https://apnews.com/article/fact-checking-560175821478).

See how these weasels use language. We quote: “No board members expressed dissent [from the measure to stop the mandatory showing of CNN], and the board approved the motion with a 5-4 vote.”

Eh? Do these chowderheads know what ordinary English words mean? If there was “no dissent,” the vote would have been 9-0! But AP jidrools are too busy patting each other on the back for canceling out “misinformation”–that’s what they call it when the facts don’t match their BS left-wing “narrative”–to open up a dictionary.

The showing of CNN “news” is no longer mandatory in the classroom. No matter how they spin it, they can’t get around that.

P.S.–When I was substitute teaching in the 1990s, all the classrooms had closed circuit TV; and much of what was shown… should not have been shown.

Public school is not a safe place for any child’s mind–let alone his soul.

‘Fake News: CNN Caught Red-Handed’ (2017)

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It speaks very poorly of our nation’s character, that CNN and the rest of our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. are still in business–no matter how many times they’re caught lying.

Fake News: CNN Caught Red-Handed

Do these people know how not to lie? Do they lie about what day of the week it is? Who knew lying could actually function as a language?

We may take some comfort in the fact that CNN’s ratings are down some 60-70%; but that it still exists at all should shame us.

COVID ‘n’ Climbit Change (Perfect Together!)

Grinning Kim Jong-un sits yards away from party officials after emerging  from hiding amid coronavirus pandemic

Meet Mr. Government!

My wife yesterday took a You.gov survey in which the questions persistently stapled together the Climate Change gotterdammerung and the COVID apocalypse, as if they were the same thing, or a package deal. I wish I could reproduce it for you, but the survey disappears as soon as you submit the answers, and it is not reproduced on the You.gov website.

Apparently King COVID is supposed to teach us to love and trust Big Brother, aka the all-devouring state. Otherwise we’re all gonna die. If de germ don’t get us, de climbit change will–only de guvvamint can save us, can you gimme hallelujah!

The questions were weird. Like, as a result of the COVID pandemic, what actions do you think the government should take to deal with Climate Change? Now that we’ve had COVID, what will you do to reduce your carbon footprint?

Oh, the Great Reset globalist varmints would love to link King COVID with Climate Change, nee Global Warming, which always sounds ridiculous with large portions of the country freezing their kiesters off! They really thought Climate Change would be the magic carpet upon which they would ride to total power over everyone–but they kept getting caught lying and cheating, and they could never seal the deal. But then along comes COVID, and this time we really honest-to-pete ARE gonna die, or at least untold millions of us, we really are gonna die unless we OBEY all the government’s mandates–! [Pause to hyperventilate]

So they’re telling us “America is closing in on half a million COVID deaths!” and no one, not a soul (if they have souls), among our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. ever calls ’em out on it! “Dr. Fauci, can you prove that 500,000 Americans have actually died of COVID, and not of a wide assortment of other serious causes, like heart disease–in which the COVID was just the last bit of poison icing on the cake? Can you prove that, sir?”

In a pig’s eye he can.

So You.gov joins the parade, marching behind King COVID with a little pooper-scooper–destination, world government. Try it, you’ll like it! Honest, we’ll give you your freedom back the moment you ask for it.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Okay, Got It!

Big Lie High Res Stock Images | Shutterstock

All right, now I know what to write for Newswithviews. Consider this a preview.

Even as we sit here watching, the Big Lie–or, if you’re a noozie, “The Narrative”–is being sculpted out of a lot of smaller (but still big) lies. Here are its chief components.

*There was no fraud in this past election (a real whopper).

*Donald Trump incited a riot at the Capitol (completely ignoring riots incited by Democrats over the past four years, including several invasions of the Capitol–but those, of course, don’t count).

*COVID-19 is the deadliest disease in all of human history, and fully justifies any and all draconian measures and abridgements of our civil rights to, er, fight it.

*America is an evil racist country in sore need of a fundamental transformation.

*Communist China is our friend.

*80 million people, who haven’t been heard from since, voted for China Joe Biden.

And there you have it–pushed on us by our Free & Independent Nooze Media morning, noon, and night.

God help us.

Election Fraud: The Aftermath

If you don't stop lying You'll grow up to be a News reporter - iFunny :)

Heaping up the hubris–the “political director” at ABC Nooze wants a “cleansing” of America from Trump supporters (https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/abc-demands-cleansing-trump-movement-from-america/ar-BB1cyVJ7)… because, of course, President Donald Trump is “like Hitler.”

We are watching “The Narrative”–that’s noozie-speak for a B.S. story that isn’t true–be crafted right before our very eyes.

*All the riots in all our cities for nine months were just “mostly peaceful protests,” no matter how much property they destroyed, no matter how many people they killed, injured, or terrorized. This was just real nice people demonstratin’ for Social Justice.

*There was no election fraud, no evidence of fraud, all as clean as a whistle–don’t believe your lying eyes. The fraud is going to disappear. You never saw it. You never heard it. Remember how they scrubbed the historical record clean of the Palestinian street celebrations on September 11, 2001. Millions of us saw them on live TV, but now we’re told they never happened, we never saw it.

*In contrast to the hundreds of riots staged this year by Democrats, the one riot–repeat, one–in Washington DC on Jan. 6, in which some people swarmed up the steps of the Capitol–well! That was completely intolerable! Everyone who was involved in it–whatever “involved” means–must be prosecuted! Six months ago, did you hear even one Democrat calling for prosecution of rioters? Even one?

*Hunter Biden didn’t do anything wrong and neither did The Big Guy, his old man, who got 10% of all the swag.

*The Russia Hoax was true after all. But no Democrat did anything wrong.

And the noozies wonder why we hate them.

Our Putrid Nooze Media

See the source image

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) says he will object to the electoral vote next week because–obviously!–some states broke their own election laws.

Hey, nooze media! Are you still perplexed as to why America detests you? Well, this quote from the Associated Press ought to give you a clue.

“President Donald Trump has, without evidence (!), claimed there was widespread fraud in this election. He has pushed Republican senators to pursue his unfounded charges (!)” blah-blah-blah (https://apnews.com/article/election-2020-joe-biden-donald-trump-michael-brown-josh-hawley-8d868c985792e932f9bc527ec2f2ab30). And this was supposed to be a news story! Not an editorial. But they don’t know the difference anymore.

“Without evidence”? What does it take to get the Asinine Press to tell the truth? The evidence is piled as high as the sky–thousands of sworn statements, videos, statistical analyses: what more do they want? They refuse to see the evidence. 

“Unfounded charges”? You lying sacks of schiff. And you wonder why we loathe you?

The corruption, we might even say perversion, of this election has been the biggest and worst crime ever perpetrated against the people of America. It must not stand. If it does, we don’t have a constitutional republic anymore.

If our leaders are so cowardly, so immoral, so crooked as to allow this to go forward, when the only right thing for them to do is to toss it out and recognize President Trump’s re-election–well, then, we need new leaders and we need them now. We don’t need people running the country who will only run it into the ground.

And we don’t need a lying, corrupt, wholly politicized nooze media.

AP, you have outlived whatever usefulness you might have had.

Nooze Media: They Never Tell the Truth

What is a blizzard? There are 3 requirements - ABC7 New York

So we’re listening to the canned nooze on the car radio this morning, and the big story is a colossal snowstorm heading our way with ten to 15 inches of the white stuff. Panic time!

But when we get home, we check the National Weather Service and find the official forecast calling for only one to three inches.

Do our Free & Independent News Media ever tell the truth? About anything? (Hint: no.)

Why do they do this? Is it just a habit, always to lie? Are their ratings so dismal that the only way they can stay on the air is to make up scary stories?

They don’t just lie about politics.

They lie about everything.