Hate the Noozies, They Deserve It

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So we’re in the hot-as-hades car this morning, en route to the supermarket, and listening to the canned nooze on the radio.

President Trump gave a speech this weekend in which he said America wasn’t going to stand for rioting, violence, and civil disorder. They played the clip. We heard him say it.

And then the noozie comes on and says the president came out against “peacefully protesting injustice.”

But that was not what he said! And it’s certainly not what’s going on in Democrat cities nationwide. “Peacefully protesting injustice”! Do they think we’re retarded? Do they think we don’t speak English? They show us the video of the rioting and then they call it “peaceful protest”! Honestly, that’s not even sane. We’re getting our news from crackpots.

It won’t be enough just to win this year’s elections.

Annihilate the Democrat Party. Put it and its horde of Far Left playmates out of business forever.

Nooze Media: Caught Again!

First Aid Kit Rubbing Alcohol, Isopropyl Alcohol, 16 oz Bottle ...

A Washington Post reporter recently “reported” that isopropyl rubbing alcohol costs $2,375 on amazon.com (https://www.bizpacreview.com/2020/04/24/nice-try-journo-wapo-reporter-deletes-deceptive-tweet-that-tried-to-pin-price-spike-on-trump-912471)–which, of course, is Donald Trump’s fault, boo, hiss.

She forgot to mention that that’s the price of a 55-gallon drum of alcohol. She deleted her alarmist tweet after somebody pointed that out.

We buy it by the pint, when we can get it. At our local newsstand, we pay $2 and change. That’s only a little higher than the price we pay at the supermarket, when they have it. They had some yesterday, but I missed it (*sigh*).

At a time like this, the public has a critical need for accurate information–and that’s precisely what our nooze media refuse to give us. This renders them useless as a source of information.

And 40% of the people still trust these bozos not to lie?


Are They Totally Out of Their Minds?

Nolte: Another Week, Another Ratings Collapse at Far-Left CNN, MSNBC

I wasn’t going to do any more nooze today; but when I read this, the top of my head nearly blew off. This is a whopper!


Our in-the-bag Far Left creepy nooze media–specifically, the News Media Alliance and the National Assn. of Broadcasters–have actually had the chutzpah to ask Congress for a cash bailout. Yup. They want Congress to give them a bunch of our money–that we worked for, while they called us haters, biggits, rubes, white supremacists, racists, nazis, and deplorables–to save their failing industry from going under.

And why would our nooze media be going under?

Bullhorn, please.

Because you freakin’ moron presstitutes sold yourselves, lock, stock, and barrel, to the Democrat Party and no one trusts you anymore!

Sheesh. The lies and scare stories and urban legends pumped out by the nooze media anymore are as many as the sands of the shore. A Gallup poll shows that 40-something percent of the American people trust them to report the news honestly. That that number is that high is a miracle.

They mock us, they call us names, they try to undo our vote, they lie, they suppress information, they elevate Far Left non-entities to the status of demigods and goddesses–and they want our tax money? They must be mad.

Gee… How would they cover politicians who voted against giving them a bailout? How would they cover those who voted for it? And would all nooze agencies get funds, or only some of them–and how would it be decided which ones? If you think the media’s garbage now, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

These liars, these narrative-mongers, these Far Left howler monkeys go so far as to describe themselves as “essential.” Holy cow!

Of course, a properly functioning press is essential, even indispensable, to a free country. But we do not have a properly functioning press.

Anyone who can provide that won’t need a bailout. They’ll do just fine.

CNN, MSNBC–not so much.

CBS Fake News: Caught Again!

 The victims in Lombardy, northern Italy, are being treated by doctors wearing hazmat suits

Ooh-ooh! Beds all over the place, never mind the wards! Doctors and nurses with more work than they could ever hope to do!

This, said CBS News last week–they had a video to go with it–is a New York City hospital overworked by the coronavirus plague. This, said CBS News, is America’s virus “epicenter.” Sounds scary, doesn’t it?

Except it wasn’t a hospital in New York City, it was a hospital in Bergamo, Italy, described as the hospital “hardest hit” by the pandemic–and the exact same video footage had already been shown three days earlier on the British news network, Sky News (https://summit.news/2020/03/30/cbs-news-uses-footage-of-worst-hit-hospital-in-italy-while-describing-new-york-coronavirus-outbreak/).

Oops. BTW, check the link above if you want to see and compare the footage.

CBS admits to showing video from Italy and saying it was from New York. For the record, Italy is the country that has suffered most from the virus. The death rate in Italy is many times the rate here in America.

But the whole cock-up was just an “editing mistake,” says CBS. Of course they weren’t trying to scare us into a state of such desperate fear as to panic us into voting for Democrats in November.

And I have a very nice bridge to sell you.


Fake! Fake! Fake!–ABC ‘News’

Image result for images of 'slaughter in syria' abc news broadcast

No one got slaughtered and it wasn’t in Syria: other than that, fine.

Ooh! “Slaughter in Syria”! And all Donald Trump’s fault, too!

Only it turns out that the “Slaughter in Syria” video shown–twice!–by ABC News was, in reality, video from a 2017 nighttime demonstration at a shooting range in Kentucky (https://nationalpost.com/news/world/abc-news-mistakes-footage-from-a-kentucky-gun-range-as-turkish-militant-attack-on-syria).

ABC “News” aired the video twice, once on “World News Tonight” (Sunday) and again on “Good Morning, America” (Monday). After it was proved that the video came from Kentucky–and two years ago, at that–ABC Nooze apologized for the “mistake” (heh-heh) and deleted the video from both shows.

They got caught.

This is what happens when what they laughingly call “the narrative” replaces honest reporting of real events. “The narrative” called for President Trump to have heartlessly deserted our faithful Kurdish allies, blah-blah, allowed them to be massacred by Turkey, etc., etc. For “the narrative” read “yet another Democrat lie.” Because the nooze industry is nothing, anymore, but a shill for the Democrat Party.

And then the nooze media actually wonder why more and more Americans are coming to despise them? They actually wonder why we don’t trust them anymore?

They’re gonna lie themselves right out of business, and we won’t miss them.

Noozies’ Lament: ‘Why Is Everybody Always Pickin’ on Me?’

See the source image

Another clueless noozie has raised the “alarm about rising hostility to journalists as the Trump administration continues to attack the media as ‘fake news'” (https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/entertainment/article/Journalist-says-a-CBP-officer-withheld-his-14493931.php).

Huh? You mean it isn’t?

A “journalist”–whatever that is, anymore–returning home from a trip to Denmark ran into a snag at Dulles International Airport. A Customs and Border Protection officer asked him, “So you write propaganda, right?”

You mean they don’t?

The intimidated noozie has, of course, filed a “civil rights” complaint. What bunk. We admit the officer was out of line. But the whole confounded “journalism” profession has been way out of line for years. It no longer functions as anything but an appendage of the Democrat Party and a mouthpiece for the Far Left Crazy. You have to be a special kind of stupid to deny it.

If there is “rising hostility” to alleged journalists, it’s not Donald Trump’s fault, but their own. As a class they’ve been sniping at Republicans since the 1960s, growing more flagrantly biased year by year. We have learned that we can’t believe anything they say. Our only option is to rely on alternative media, with all its faults. It’s still more honest than CNN. But then so are pathological liars.

Forget about Trump. Was there even a single day when the nooze media did not attack George W. Bush, or shower praise on Obama?

You bet they write propaganda. Nothing but.


The Best Time to Stifle Freedom of the Press… Is Here

See the source image

Let’s say you’re a power-drunk government official who wants to suppress a news story that might embarrass the government and call your position into question.

Has there ever been a better time for doing that, than this?

Recently Australian police, armed with warrants, raided the offices of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Australia’s equivalent of PBS), seizing files and computers, looking for evidence that an editor and two reporters broke some law when they reported that in 2017, some Australian soldiers in Afghanistan killed unarmed civilians (https://www.lmtonline.com/news/article/Australian-police-raid-public-broadcaster-seize-13938095.php). Someone, it seems, wants to track down whoever were the sources for that story and make them sorry for it.

We would not like to see this happen in America. Freedom of the press is enshrined in the First Amendment to our Constitution, and by long tradition.

Our problem is that our “free and independent press” has abused its freedom and turned itself into a 24/7/365 shill for the Democrat Party. Time and again we catch them making up stories, embellishing stories, leaving things out, putting things in–and then having to walk it all backwards once it’s been demonstrated that those stories aren’t true. Think Jussie Smollet, the Covington kids, and “Trump’s a Russian agent!”–all crapola. All designed to help the Far Left Crazy take over the country.

Consequently, tens of millions of Americans don’t trust the mainstream nooze media to tell the truth about anything–only because they’ve been caught lying so many times. All they ever do, anymore, is to attack Donald Trump and anyone who stands with him. All they want to do is drive the president out of office. Because their candidate, Hillary Clinton, didn’t win in 2016. Hence more than two years of wall-to-wall “Russian collusion” coverage… which turned out to be false. Even now they haven’t let it drop.

So who’s going to shed a tear if government agents raid, say, the Washington Post’s editorial offices? Who’s going to believe the New York Times, if their offices get raided?

A free press is a vital component of a free republic. But the press in our country has all but pissed away its freedom–voluntarily, to gain a political end. The government didn’t turn them into Pravda. They turned themselves into Pravda.

At this point you might want to ask me, “Well, what do we do about it? How do we fix the problem? How do we get our free press back?”

I think the noozies have to fix it themselves–and soon.

Journalism: A Travesty (Part 2)

See the source image

Once upon a time there was this image of the reporter as a hard-headed, skeptical, show-me type. Those women who were the infantry of local journalism in the 1970s–they could see through a brick wall; and what they saw, they wrote.

I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry. I was a newspaperman: reporter and editor. And I’m ashamed of what my former profession, once an honorable profession, has become.

The hard-headed, skeptical reporter is extinct. Oh, there are cryptozoological reports about isolated members of the species surviving in out-of-the-way places in the hinterland; but you won’t see them unless you look real hard.

No one outdoes today’s free and independent press when it comes to believing pure crapola and pushing it on the public. A man gets his junk chopped off, shoots up with female hormones, and says he’s a “woman”; and every single noozie in the Western world calls this wacko “she” and “her” and makes like the guy really is a woman now–and piles on anyone who says different. Could anything be more soft-headed, more credulous? There would be no “transgender” without the nooze media.

Once upon a time reporters didn’t just pass along the Far Left talking points. Once upon a time reporters questioned what they were told, and kept on asking questions till they got the truth. (Most of them, at least–The New York Times parted company with truth quite a few years ago.) But today noozies never question anything, no matter how preposterous, said by any Democrat.

That’s why they keep banging the drum for Russian Collusion, never mind there wasn’t any. It’s “the narrative.” It serves the Democrat Party. So the noozies have it on the menu every day.

Okay, sure–it’s true that the TV nooze networks, even that far back, were about as straight as corkscrews. Ditto the major print media. Democrats are nostalgic for those days when Walter Cronkite spun his spiel and the whole country believed him because there was no meaningful competition. We thank God for His providence: the Internet has put an end to that, let Google and Facebook try as they will to establish themselves as an information monopoly. There always have been and always will be corrupt, dishonest news media.

But there certainly used to be more honesty in the news than there is now. And don’t tell me any different, because I was there.

A New Low for the Nooze Media

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I’m ashamed that I used to be a newspaper reporter and editor. Even though it was a long time ago, long before the nooze media morphed into hatchet-men for the Democrat Party.

Today they’re trying to convince us that President Donald Trump “worked for Russia” (https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-russia/trump-i-never-worked-for-russia-idUSKCN1P81NM?feedType=RSS&feedName=politicsNews)–never mind that Hillary Clinton, as secretary of state, sold 20% of our nation’s uranium to the Russians. The nooze media’s all over this fable, and when they asked the president this stupid and insulting question at a press conference, he lost his cool and denied it. So now they can “report” that “Trump denies working for the Russians.”

Ooh-ooh! Now we can impeach him! Now we’ve got him!

Even for them, this is shameful.

I apologize for ever having been a journalist. It has become a truly disgraceful line of work. The newly-coined term, “presstitute,” is right on target. I would be less ashamed of having been a pickpocket.

How much more of this does our country have to take?

Nooze Media Chicanery: MSNBC Calls Election–Before the Vote

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“We don’t need no stinkin’ election!”

Well, here we go with the “news” media trying to be players affecting the outcome of the election–in this case, MSNBC “reporting” the result of the Florida gubernatorial election… the night before Election Day (https://deadline.com/2018/11/msnbc-graphic-mistake-florida-governor-race-1202496555/).

The fake news giant reported that the Democrat won the election “with 99% of the vote counted”–when, of course, the polls had yet to open and none of the vote had yet been counted. The lame excuse was “our system had inadvertently populated some test numbers.” Aren’t you glad they cleared that up? Like it could happen to anyone.

In that the media repeatedly and purposely emit falsehoods in a blatant attempt to deceive the voters and swing the election to their Democrat masters, President Trump does not exaggerate in calling the media an enemy of the people.

They’re certainly not our friends.