Bunnies from Different Worlds

I’ve often seen pairs of wild rabbits doing this–which I think is probably a form of play. But what happens when a wild rabbit meets a domestic rabbit, in the latter’s back yard? Will they play, or will there be a territorial dispute? Looks like play to me; but then I don’t know much about rabbit psychology.

3 comments on “Bunnies from Different Worlds

  1. I would describe that as irresistible curiosity. They obviously recognized one another as being the same sort of creature, but came from very different worlds. I’m sure it was a surprising discovery for both of them.

  2. Great video – I had never seen one like this one. I used to have a house rabbit website called “Rabbitworldview.” I gave instructions on how to care for house rabbits, plus lots of fun videos and article about these lovable animals.

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